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Sending an assignee on assignment takes more than creating the contract or ordering the moving company to take care of his goods.


Managing expectations is the objective. To satisfy the company and the individual employee as well as his family is the goal. The posting will be professionally planned and implemented. We listen to both sides, to you and your member of staff in order to address concerns early so problems do not arise.

We relieve the personnel department of this time-consuming and specialised work. You can ensure that the costly assignment does not fail on the soft facts and that the cultural and social integration is assured.

With us by your side you allow for a successful relocation for both, your employee and his family. Your employee can devote himself to his duties untroubled and motivated. The whole family feels made welcome and cared for.

We are happy to advise you on customised and individual arrangements and we will point out potential cost savings along the way. Contact us.